Static graphics

Where they come from - Montana State University enrollment

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Aug. 13, 2017

Maps designed to accompany another reporter's story on university enrollment trends.

Print and web versions produced with a workflow involving D3-geo, SVG Crowbar, Adobe Illustrator and ai2html.

Montana election mapping

Montana Free Press, Missoula Independent
June 2018

Maps showing results for Montana's 2018 primary at the precinct and county level, published as graphics by the Montana Free Press and Missoula Independent.

Created with voting data from Montana's Secretary of State cleaned with Python/Pandas, mapped with D3-geo and polished for print and web publication with Adobe Illustrator.

Who comes home? Montana migration by geography and age

Montana Gap project
Winter 2018

A graphic exploring the migration dynamics behind Montana's rural 'brain drain' trend by looking at net migration in and out of different categories of counties. Republished in print by High Country News.

Built with Tableau and Adobe Illustrator using data from the University of Wisconson Applied Population Lab.

Web interactives

Montana Explorer app

Personal project
Spring 2018

Work-in-progress web app combining boundary geographies and demographic information for Montana local government entities including cities, counties and school districts.

Built in React using Mapbox GL's mapping engine and a Postgres database back end. Demo version hosted on Digital Ocean.

Visualized: Two years of local news

Personal project
November 2017

Effort to display two years of local news reporting in a visual representation. Intended as an experiment with using interactive design to show digital audiences how consistent beat reporting follows issues over time.

Built with React and D3 and hosted on Github pages.

What a living wage is in Bozeman — and who makes it

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
June 18, 2017

A interactive calculator using cost-of-living data from MIT to generate living wage estimates for a region increasingly concerned with housing affordability.

Built with Bootstrap and React.

How walkable is your Bozeman neighborhood?

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Sept. 8, 2016

An interactive map allowing readers to explore neighborhood walkability in Bozeman, Montana, developed to accompany a piece on urban planning.

Built with Leaflet.js and vanilla JavaScript (this project taught me why people use JavaScript frameworks).

Newsroom tools

MTLeg vote viz creator

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Winter 2017

A simple web app inspired by Quart's Chartbuilder, developed to let newsroom staff quickly produce visualizations of votes taken by the 2017 Montana Legislature, translating text copied from the state legislative web site into a responsive embed code and social media-suitable static images.

Data art

Montana's Walmart distances

Personal Project
June 2018

Image visualizing the remoteness of different parts of Montana by showing the estimated travel time between them and the nearest Walmart.

Produced using a global 'friction surface' and adapted Google Earth Engine code published by the Malaria Atlas Project. Styling in QGIS.

Montana Rivers

Personal Project
Fall 2017

Major Montana waterways colored by elevation as they flow through the state.

Produced using QGIS and data available through the Montana State Library and state Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.