2017 Bozeman Magazine Bozeman’s Choice Poll

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2016 SPJ Northwest Excellence in Journalism Contest

Government and Politics Reporting, First Place

Business Reporting, First place

Personalities Reporting, Second place

Division: Medium daily print and online

2015 Montana Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest

Best News Story

Division: Large daily newspaper

Reader praise

Letter writer, on a budget hearing preview piece:

Eric piqued my interest with his second paragraph:

“Think of the budget adoption meeting, held annually in advance of the July 1 start to the city’s fiscal year, as the equivalent of the NBA finals for City Hall watchers – except, well, perhaps a wee bit wonkier.”

… As one sentence brought a question to mind, the next sentence provided an answer. This logical progression is one characteristic that I value about Eric’s writing. That, and his exceptional talent with the written word.

Reader email:

Your Walkability article was excellent. Thoughtful, comprehensive, well expressed, and darn good punctuation!

Reader email:

Thank you for the great article you did on taxes and growth in Bozeman. I will reference it for a long time in the future to make taxing decisions and win lots of arguments with my friends.